El Paso… Are You Ready for Some Baseball?

Tucson Padres

Tucson Padres (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have no idea why anyone would be upset over El Paso getting a new stadium for a new (at least it’s new to us) baseball team. But, nevertheless, a lot of people in El Paso are still upset over not getting to vote on the demolition of City Hall in order to build the new stadium. My thinking is, if the people who work everyday in it think it needs to be demolished, who is the average citizen to say otherwise?

Needless to say, I am pumped about our new stadium and team. I spent a lot of time in Durham, North Carolina growing up. I have seen first hand how the building of a new ballpark in a “run down” area of the city can turn everything around. Downtown Durham was dead when I was a kid. Now, it is the vibrant heart of the city all because of the Durham Bulls and their amazing new stadium. I have no doubt in my mind that El Paso will see the same type of rejuvenation when the El Paso Whatever’s start playing next year.


The “Whatever’s” part of that last paragraph leads me into discussing the teams name. I voted several times in the recent poll on the team’s website. The voting has closed and any day now I think we will be able to vote on our team’s new name. Because voting is closed, I think it is safe for me to go ahead and discuss my nomination here. I suggested the El Paso Estrellas. In honor of the star on the mountain (that the group who bought the Tucson Padres is named after), also in honor of El Paso’s heritage using the Spanish word for star instead of… well… star. I know that the owner has said he is looking for a kind of unique, silly name (i.e. Albuquerque Isotopes). I know that Estrella’s is not completely unique or silly but, I like it.


I will update this blog  soon when the nominees are out. Hopefully to advertise my name being there to vote on. I wouldn’t mind winning the Season Tickets that are up for grabs.


The start of something good?

It’s kind of weird starting off a new blog. I’m pretty sure that nobody is going to be reading this. I’m not sure why they would. I’m not somebody that anybody’s heard of. I’m also not an expert on the topic that I’m going to be writing about.

The good thing is though that I do know a lot about baseball. That knowledge is just sitting in my head not being used.

So why did I start a San Diego Padres minor league blog? Well for one it seems like in the blogosphere there’s not a lot of coverage of the Padres minor leagues. Also I’ve been reading a lot on the Padres minor leagues because of our new team that starts play next year in El Paso. So because I was spending a lot of time studying the Padres minor leaguers anyway I figured why not start a blog and help other people find the kind of information I’ve been looking for.

So I hope whoever out there stumbles on this blog enjoys it. And maybe you come back for more later. Its going to be a slow start but its going to be a lot of fun so stick around. I hope you enjoy The Descendientes…

Image of El Paso's future AAA Park. Future home of the San Diego Padre's AAA team.

Image of El Paso’s future AAA Park. Future home of the San Diego Padre’s AAA team.