El Paso Baseball Link Dump

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while everyone. Here are a few links to get everybody up to date on the Stadium and what we may or may not know about the team so far.

English: In 1908, horse-drawn buggies and wago...

In 1908, horse-drawn buggies and wagons peppered the intersection of Mesa and Mills streets in Downtown El Paso. AND THERE WAS NO GALL-DARNED HIGH FALLUTIN BASKETBALL STADIUM IN THE MIDDLE OF TOWN!!!Photo courtesy of El Paso Public Library. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This July 14th article from the El Paso Times doesn’t say too much as far as the construction of the stadium is concerned… pretty much just that it has started. The interesting notes here are that the Pacific Coast League Divisions and Schedule should be out by the end of this month. Also, the team name (Desert Gators – see link at bottom) should be announced by the end of the year. Yay!


In this article from the El Paso Times on August 2nd, people are still whining about the fact that the stadium costs money. The new mayor and city council hate the stadium and our future team (my opinion). But, who cares? It’s gonna happen and there’s nothing they can do about it… except complain like all of the people who commented at the bottom. HAHA, City Hall is gone and the stadium is being built regardless!!!! Suck it people who wish it was still 1908 in El Paso!

Here’s some awesome artist’s renderings of our awesome new stadium!

I have no idea what this dude’s note at the bottom about the baseball team means. I also have no idea why he hasn’t taken an updated picture for his column since this one was taken with his Grandma’s Polaroid.

Apparently Hayden Rash at H4TV (What is that?) just found out we are getting a team. I like his stance on the idiocy of people being upset about the demolition of a 32 year old asbestos filled City Hall. However, his assumptions about the seating and the poor parking are a little off. I like the guy’s comment at the end. It wasn’t me. Promise.

No complaints at all about this article at Ballpark Digest. It provides a great preview of the new stadium and gets me even more pumped! The Japanese comments at the end… not so much. But, maybe they’re pumped too! Woohoo!!!



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