Defending My Adopted Hometown

So, I got in a Twitter disagreement the other day with a Tucson Padres fan. Like I said in one of my first posts here, it has been hard for me to find enough information about our future El Paso AAA team. Maybe that’s just because I’m an informationaholic.

I was looking on Twitter for anything I could find about our team. Anything relating to El Paso, the Tucson Padres, AAA Baseball… anything. That’s when I stumbled onto this:

My interest had officially been piqued. Here is the entire conversation. Please don’t harass this guy. He was contrite by the end (meaning I won!) and I consider him a Twitter friend now.

Moral of the story: Don’t step to me on Twitter! Just kidding, the moral here is we need to appreciate what we have. If we don’t support our team once it is here, we will end up just like Tucson. We don’t want to be the city with “nothing left”.