We have our first clue…

So today the El Paso AAA Team released their first clue toward the identity of our future baseball team. The El Paso 411 Facebook page has this photo up from the team:

The First Clue

The First Clue

Not sure if I told you guys but, I am amazing with Photoshop! So, using my skills I have superimposed the eyes onto all 5 possible mascots. Here they are (Desert Gators, Aardvarks, Buckaroos, Chihuahuas and Sun Dogs):

El Paso Desert Gators?El Paso Aardvark's?El Paso Buckaroos?

El Paso Chihuahuas?El Paso Sun Dogs?

See… told you I was great with Photoshop. 🙂 Rumor here in El Paso has it that it is going to be the El Paso Sun Dogs, which I am fine with. But, I must say, the eyes look great on the Aardvark.

Stay tuned for more updates… and hopefully an update on who we have to look forward to seeing next season!


2 thoughts on “We have our first clue…

  1. Seeing how a sundog or Sun Dog is an atmospheric phenomenon i’m guessing you’ll probably need to add those random set of eyes you showed onto a sun of some sort. I would guess you’d be closer to the mark in your mascot ideas!

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