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The Swinging Friar, the mascot for the San Diego Padres. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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SD Friars Forum

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Pinch Hitter 2 Online Game – It’s dorky but fun.


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This is going to be my running list of Padres related Twitter handles. If people leave the organization, they will probably still remain on the list. If you know of one that I don’t have here.. send it to me.

Players & Draftees

Yasmani Grandal – @Yazman10

Jedd Gyorko – @JGyorko05

Alexi Amarista – @AlexiAmarista (Spanish)

Jesus Guzman – @jesusguzzy (Spanish)

Cameron Maybin – @spidermayb24

Anthony Bass – @AnthonyBass45

Wilfredo Boscan – @ElChinoBoscan46 (Spanish)

Brad Boxberger – @Brad_Boxberger

Brad Brach – @BradBrach58

Robbie Erlin – @RobbieErlin27

Jeff Ibarra – @JeffIbarra26

Brandon Kloess – @brandonkloess

Miles Mikolas – @lastoneformiles

Nick Vincent – @Nvincent15 (Not current)

John Baker – @manbearwolf (Not current)

Jason Hagerty – @JHagerty33

Rene Rivera – @ReneRivera13

Dean Anna – @DeanOfSwing

Cody Decker – @Decker6

Jesus Merchan – @Jesusdmerchan (Spanish)

Gregorio Petit – @GregorioPetit31 (Spanish)

Jaff Decker – @JaffDecker22

Kalian Sams – @SirKalianSams

Jacque Jones (Coach) – @JacqueJones11

Chris Fetter (Coach) – @ChrisFetter41 (Protected)

Matt Andriese – @MAndriese

Josh Geer – @JBGeer

Adys Portillo – @AdysPortillo (Not current)

Kevin Quackenbush – @Quack1128

Donn Roach – @Donnroach

Keyvius Sampson – @K_Samp2

Matt Stites – @matt_stites

Matt Wisler – @wisler233

Eddy Rodriguez – @EddyRodriguezU

Adam Buschini – @abuschini

Tommy Medica – @tmedica18

Cory Spangenberg – @spang19

Reymond Fuentes – @RFuentes2115

Rico Noel – @SuaveCF1

Johnny Barbato – @johnny_barbato

Cody Hebner – @cody_hebner (Protected)

Trevor Holder – @trevholder

James Needy – @herosdp

Dennis O’Grady – @D_OGrady26

Colin Rea – @ColinRea (Not current)

Austin Hedges – @austinhedges11

Jeremy Rodriguez – @Baseballingjrod

B.J. Guinn – @BjG20

Duanel Jones – @DuanelJones26 (Spanish)

Lee Orr – @Leeorr21

Jace Peterson – @peterson_jace

Travis Whitmore – @Travis_Whitmore

Luis Domoromo – @Domoromo25 (Protected)

Kyle Gaedele – @KGaedele7

Ronnie Richardson – @ronnieondeck

Leonel Campos – @LeonelCampos11 (Spanish)

Joe Church – @ScaredGo2CHURCH

Zach Eflin – @zeflin12

Max Fried – @MaxFried32

Roman Madrid – @TheRomanMadrid (Protected)

Chris Nunn – @thenatural515

Matthew Shepherd – @MkShepherd31

Joe Ross – @JoeRoss21

Walker Weickel – @walkerweickel

Dane Phillips – @GreatDane0019

Diego Goris – @DiegoGoris (Spanish)

Gabriel Quintana – @Gquintana15 (Protected)

Maxx Tissenbaum – @8_Maxx

Brian Adams – @Badamsjr

Corey Adamson – @coreyadamson

Jeremy Baltz – @JeremyBaltz (Not current)

Wytnon Bernard – @SaintBerny36 (Protected)

Kyle Ottoson – @0ttomatick

Goose Kallunki – @GooseKallunki

Cody Gabella – @CodyGabella

Cade Kreuter – @cadeSWAGGstupid

Hunter Renfroe – @Hunter_Renfroe

Dustin Peterson – @dPetey8

Jordan Paroubeck – @MochaJayy

Bryan Verbitsky – @yaboybits

The Future El Paso Whatever’s: Part 3 (The Relief Pitchers)

I hate to seem like I’m rushing but, I really want to hurry up and get to the guys that we really need to look forward to seeing in El Paso. I’m not saying these relievers aren’t going to be there. I think we are all just ready to see future MLBers. I mean, I love going to El Paso Diablos games but, I’ve had enough non-MLB ready baseball for a while. Here is what I have learned about the Padres relievers.

The Relievers

1. Huston Street (RHP – RP) – Street is the full-time Closer and will probably be for a while. He is currently on the Disabled List however. 0-3, 11 SV, 4.43 ERA, 1.230 WHIP, 13 K, 8 BB Not awesome stats for a Closer. But, he is signed through 2015 so, he is the Padres Closer… for better or worse.

Not likely to see him. I guess if he rehabs in Tucson following this DL stint, then maybe we can expect to see him sometime before 2015.

2. Luke Gregerson (RHP – RP) – 3-2, SV, 1.05 ERA, 0.662 WHIP, 19 K, 6 BB. Should he be the Closer full-time? I didn’t say that. Quit looking at me like that. I didn’t.

English: Luke Gregerson, pitcher for the San D...

Luke Gregerson: What? You think I should be the Closer? Aww… shucks… thanks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gregerson is Arbitration eligible this year. Barring an injury, he won’t be in El Paso next year.

3. Dale Thayer (RHP – RP) – 0-2, 2.92 ERA, 0.811 WHIP, 23 K, 8 BB. Could also be the Closer and do a better job than some people (not naming any names). Unfortunately for him, I just picked him up for my Ottoneu Fantasy Team. That’s usually the kiss of death.

He is out of options. Not gonna see him. Sorry.

4. Joe Thatcher (LHP – RP) – Wow… this bullpen is a beast! Maybe they could all be converted to Starters? 2-0, 1.59 ERA, 1.235 WHIP, 13 K, 2 BB.

Also out of options. Not gonna see him. Also sorry.

5. Tyson Ross (RHP – RP) – 0-1, 2.20 ERA, 1.326 WHIP, 20 K, 14 BB. He’s walking a few too many people but, the stats still are not bad.

If he continues to walk people at this pace, we may see him at some point. He’s pretty young so, he’s still got time to come down to El Paso and work on some things.

6. Tom Layne (LHP – RP) – Hasn’t been up too long. At Tucson he had worse stats than any of the above listed pitchers. Against left handed batters in AAA his slash was .269/.355/.404 and 2 HR. It would appear that he’s not very good at being a left handed specialist…. or other things, like pitching (sorry if that seems too harsh).

Really good chance of seeing him in El Paso, if he has a job next year.

The Padres bullpen

The Padres bullpen (Photo credit: ewen and donabel)

7. Brad Boxberger (RHP – RP) – Boxberger is apparently a pretty good prospect. But, being a bullpen prospect can be rough sometimes. Boxberger was just sent down again today. His numbers, ML:  0-1, 5.79 ERA, 1.286 WHIP, 6 K, 0 BB – AAA: 5.73 ERA, 1.636 WHIP, 31 K, 10 BB. Seems like AAA may be the right place for now.

He’s back in AAA now. Looks like he could be closing there to begin next season as well.

8. Tim Stauffer (RHP – RP) – Former 1st Rd Pick. Stauffer was a Free Agent before this season despite having always been with the Padres. He was re-signed on a one year deal. Stauffer started out in AAA but is currently in the Bigs. 0-0, 3.95 ERA, 1.244 WHIP, 14 K, 3 BB.

Won’t be in El Paso next year. If he re-signs with the Padres it won’t be to play in AAA.

9. Burch Smith (RHP – RP) – I have Smith listed as a Reliever because I already finished my Starter posts. He has only ever started in the Big Leagues, albeit only 3 times and not that well any of those 3. 0-1, 18.41 ERA, 3.00 WHIP, 11 K, 6 BB. This is his first year in the Majors. It looks like he’s a pretty good minor league pitcher though. He was called up from AA originally and then demoted to AAA after a few weeks. Maybe this time with the Padres will be better for him.

I’m gonna go with a 100% chance of seeing Burch Smith pitch in El Paso next season. Call me crazy.

Alright. That’s it for the Padres big league club. I can’t wait to start talking about the Minor Leaguers. The Minors are my bread and butter!

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The Future El Paso Whatever’s: Part 2 (The Starting Pitchers)

When it comes to trying to figure out whether current Padres hitters or pitchers could be on El Paso‘s roster next year, I would have to say the hitters were a little easier. The group of pitchers that the Padres have right now aren’t performing particularly well. On top of not performing too well, there are also going to be a lot more free agents out of this group than the hitters. So, lets go over all of the starting pitchers that are currently on the Padre’s roster.

The Starting Pitchers

1. Edinson Volquez (RHP – SP) – 4-5, 5.35 ERA, 1.515 WHIP, 48 K, 31 BB. He will be a Free Agent following this season. Edinson prefers to sign a new deal with the Padres. The Padres probably would be happy to do that at the right price. Not Ace money, I would imagine. On top of that, if he reaches 100 BB again this season, I think he will not be coming back.

I don’t think he will be a Padre next year. If he was, it would take an injury for him to come to El Paso.

English: Actor Eric Stoltz at the 2009 Paleyfe...

Eric Stults… wait, wrong guy?  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2. Eric Stults (LHP – SP) – Did you know that Eric Stoltz was originally cast as Marty McFly and actually filmed Back to the Future for five weeks before being replaced by Michael J. Fox? Wait. What? Wrong guy? Sorry, I told you all that I was new here.  4-5, 3.74 ERA, 1.165 WHIP, 53 K, 17 BB. Stults is the ace of the team so far this season, no doubt trying to insure that he is no longer confused with the red-headed thespian.

Stults is arbitration eligible after this season. He is also out of options. We won’t be seeing him. He will be with the Padres.

3. Jason Marquis (RHP – SP) – 6-2, 3.82 ERA, 1.492 WHIP, 40 K, 36 BB. Marquis is 34 years old and leads the league in walks.

I think that the Padres will be hoping his ERA and record can fool somebody into trading for him. (The Rangers?) We will not be seeing him next season. Sorry.

4. Andrew Cashner (RHP – SP) – I think I remember Cashner being pegged as the Padres Closer of the Future at some point. But, starting seems to be suiting him pretty well. 4-3, 3.65 ERA, 1.218 WHIP, 42 K, 17 BB in 9 games started. For somebody who was pegged as a Closer at one point, he’s got some longetivity in his games. Seven decisions in nine starts is pretty impressive. The guy is helping to save his homies in the bullpen.

Arbitration eligible in 2014. Barring injury, he won’t be eating at Chico’s Taco‘s next season.

5. Clayton Richard (LHP – SP) – Wow. 1-5, 7.86 ERA, 1.835 WHIP, 18 K, 18 BB. Arbitration eligible after this season. I can’t imagine him getting too much money in arbitration if he doesn’t turn this around.

We may be seeing him. Depending on the deal he signs with the Padres and whether he remembers how to pitch or not.

6. Casey Kelly (RHP – SP) – Kelly is out following Tommy John surgery. He has started 6 games in the Big Leagues. Career: 2-3, 6.21 ERA, 1.690 WHIP, 26 K, 10 BB.

We will see him in El Paso at some point. Hopefully next season. Hopefully as a quick stop before getting back to “The Show”. Casey, feel free to get in touch next season, I’ll show you the best Mexican spot in town… and it’s not the aforementioned Chico’s!

An order of three Chico's Tacos with green chi...

An order of three Chico’s Tacos with green chile sauce (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

7. Joe Wieland (RHP – SP) – Tommy John surgery on July 27, 2012. He is throwing live BP already. Career: 0-4, 4.55 ERA, 1.265 WHIP, 24 K, 9 BB. Not arbitration eligible till 2015.

He could be back by the end of the season. If not, he will be ready for Spring Training next year. With a few of the other Starting Pitchers leaving, I think he will be with the Padres next year.

8. Cory Luebke (LHP – SP) – Much like what happened with Neftali Feliz with the Rangers, the move from reliever to starter started off really well for Luebke. Then he had to have Tommy John Surgery. Recently, Luebke has also been set back in his rehab after being shut down with soreness/tightness. Career: 10-12, 3.25 ERA, 1.104 WHIP, 195 K, 58 BB; 25 of his games have been as a Starting Pitcher.

With the set backs, I would say there is a chance Luebke could be in El Paso early next season. But, not for long… which is good for the Padres.

That is all of the current Starting Pitchers. Next up I will be talking about the Bullpen. Then, it’s on to the Minor Leaguers, who we have a lot better chance of seeing. Feel free to comment on this post or any others. I look forward to hearing from you.

The Future El Paso Whatever’s: Part 11/2 (The Bench)

I knew as soon as I did the post on what the Padres lineup was on the day I did it, that the lineup would change. But, it hasn’t messed up this post too much. Cameron Maybin got called back up after his rehab stint and has already improved his .090 batting average 49 points. Kyle Blanks was all set to be sent down until Yonder Alonso was injured and had to go on the 15-day DL. So, without further ado… here is the Padres bench and our likelihood of seeing them in El Paso next year.




Padres Bench (and Cameron Maybin)


Cameron Maybin

Cameron Maybin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


1. Cameron Maybin (CF) – Cameron is locked up until 2017 and it appears to be a good thing. Before his recent DL stint he was batting .090/.167/.121 in a pretty small sample size. He went down to rehab at Tucson (which would have been El Paso were this 2014) and returned recently against the Rockies. He appears to be bringing it all together so to speak. His line in his first game back – 2 for 3, 2 RBI, 2 SB, R, BB. Not too shabby.


We won’t see him in El Paso unless something like this happens again. Not wishing anything bad on the guy but, I wouldn’t mind seeing him at some point next year.


2. Nick Hundley (C) – Not having too bad of a year for a back-up Catcher, where he will stay assuming Grandal plays like the Padres believe that he can. .238/.284/.371 with 3 HR and 13 RBI while throwing out 27% of base stealers. There is a team option on in him for 2015.


I think he will be staying in the Big Leagues until his option is declined in 2015 or he signs for the minimum. Sorry if I offend him or any Padres fans with this assumption.


3. Kyle Blanks (1B/OF) – Blanks is playing surprisingly well this season. Unfortunately, it looks like he still may be heading back down to AAA when Yonder Alonso comes back from the DL. Kyle’s line this season is .264/.355/.407 with 3 HR and 14 RBI. He is arbitration eligible after this season so, the Padres may have a little bit of a dilemma upcoming.


I think that a deal will get done this offseason to avoid arbitration. I also think there is a 75% chance that Blanks starts the season in El Paso next year.


4. Mark Kotsay (1B/OF) – Kotsay can still hit. Probably will the rest of his career… which should end after this season. He ranks in the 20’s in pretty much every career statistical category for active players. Dude’s been around a long time. .268/.328/.286. A lot of people believe that he should be DFA’d rather than Kyle Blanks being demoted. I think the Padres may want to consider it. It’s time to get a good look at Blanks prior to arbitration, whereas you are probably going to lose Kotsay no matter what this offseason.


o% chance of Kotsay playing in El Paso next year. I think he will retire this offseason. That being said, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he came to town as a roving hitting instructor for the Padres to work with people like Kyle Blanks down here with the El Paso Whatever’s.


5. Alexi Amarista (IF/OF) – .265/.301/.444, 4 HR, 15 RBI – He’s a pretty solid bench guy/glove.


There’s always a chance that you will see these guys dip down to AAA for weeks at a time. It’s going to be so awesome to have AAAA talent coming back and forth to El Paso all season! Seriously… not joking. You guys who haven’t watched AAA baseball have no idea how much this is going to put to shame any level of baseball that has been played in El Paso in the past.


English: Kyle Blanks in 2010 spring training.

Kyle Blanks in 2010 spring training with the Padres. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Future El Paso 1B.


6. Jesus Guzman (IF/OF) – Guzman has appeared in 43 games this season which is a pretty good amount. However, his .195/.275/.280 line to go along with his 23 K to 8 BB is going to mean that he may stay at 43 a while. He has a career slash of .266/.330/.418 and hasn’t been down to AAA since 2011. He is arbitration eligible this year.

I don’t think he will be with the Padres to come down to El Paso next year… unless something drastic happens.

That’s it for the Padres bench, and that whole Maybin/Blanks thing. My next post in this series will be about the Padres pitchers and then on to the minor leagues. Time to get back to the draft! See y’all soon!



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Rd 1 (Pick 13) – Hunter Renfroe

The pick is in and it’s Hunter Renfroe (RF – Mississippi State). I still love you Reese (sorry you have to be a Pirate, I did what I could)! But, I’m not totally disappointed with this pick, despite the fact that his swing is very Raul Mondesiesque. It appears that he has Mondesi’s defensive ability as well. I’ll take that anyday. Here’s some info on the guy we will be watching in El Paso in 2 to 3 years.


I’m not gonna say I’m disappointed in this pick but, I am sooooo wary of people who just perform for one year. I know that it can be hard for a Freshman to adjust to anything in college (for me it was going to class), but his .242/.318/.355 line in his first two years is a little worrisome. That being said, he got it together this year in a huuuuge way! .345/.435/.632 is ridiculous, I don’t care what you did before. When you take into account that he did it in the SEC it’s even more impressive. Welcome to the Padres Organization. I’m a rookie here like you. 🙂


His prodigious power could play very well here in El Paso someday. Sorry about Petco, though. 🙂




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It’s Draft Day! Part 2 – Reese McGuire Doing Things

Here is video of Reese McGuire throwing and hitting. My hope is that the weird little hitch he has at the end of his swing will help him drop down to the Padres at #13. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a pretty good looking left-handed swing… I just feel like there is a little something that a professional hitting coach will want to work on. Here’s to hoping it helps him drop to us. Sorry for wishing a pay cut on you Reese… and sorry for the man crush.