Rd 1 (Pick 13) – Hunter Renfroe

The pick is in and it’s Hunter Renfroe (RF – Mississippi State). I still love you Reese (sorry you have to be a Pirate, I did what I could)! But, I’m not totally disappointed with this pick, despite the fact that his swing is very Raul Mondesiesque. It appears that he has Mondesi’s defensive ability as well. I’ll take that anyday. Here’s some info on the guy we will be watching in El Paso in 2 to 3 years.


I’m not gonna say I’m disappointed in this pick but, I am sooooo wary of people who just perform for one year. I know that it can be hard for a Freshman to adjust to anything in college (for me it was going to class), but his .242/.318/.355 line in his first two years is a little worrisome. That being said, he got it together this year in a huuuuge way! .345/.435/.632 is ridiculous, I don’t care what you did before. When you take into account that he did it in the SEC it’s even more impressive. Welcome to the Padres Organization. I’m a rookie here like you. 🙂


His prodigious power could play very well here in El Paso someday. Sorry about Petco, though. 🙂




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